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A day in Mumbai is like a week anywhere else. It’s a Leadership Development professional’s nirvana – an oasis of constant and immersive learning. Life happens on the street with a vibrancy that is unparalleled and taking executives out of the classroom to learn is a sure bet!

We spent a day in market with one of our favorite healthcare clients. We departed in smaller teams of about six to seven participants for a day that took each team for a healthcare experience, a retail safari and an invigorating exchange with a local business leader…



There were 10 of us. More than half were healthcare professionals, and rest of us were business leaders and consultants. All of us came together to the Spring Green Dojo, located in a beautiful wooded valley in Southwestern Wisconsin for a Zen leadership program led by Dr. Ginny Whitelaw. I was excited to meet the other participants – kindred souls going on similar journeys to understand ourselves better as leaders, as members of a hopeful community. There was a path ahead of us – a path of being transported from the dark of early cold mornings to the fading light of evenings, a path of the daily stretching of the mind, body and heart, a path of learning how to focus and balance our energies…