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Director and Practice Lead,
In-Market Immersion®

Cathy joined The Immersion Lab in 2005 and currently leads one of our three key Immersion Learning Practices. In this role she has oversight and accountability for the design, development and execution of immersion programs that are embedded in larger client or partner initiatives. She manages global delivery teams, oversees all of the logistical aspects of immersions and is responsible for the day-to-day management and profitability of her business.


Previously as Head of Production and before that as Head of Logistics, Cathy set up and managed the company’s Production and Resource Planning function. She established the event management protocols and planning for all Immersion Lab programs. With detailed oversight of project, vendor and event management as well as logistics, research, production and administration services, the result was an extensive and valuable global vendor network with capabilities in Brazil, South Africa, South America, China, India, Europe and the United Kingdom.


Cathy also serves as a Director providing valuable support and counsel to the business.


Prior to joining The Immersion Lab, Cathy held a number of positions in Human Resources and H.R Administration in both the United Kingdom and South Africa.


Born and educated in Johannesburg, she moved to the U.K. in 2000 and recently became a permanent resident in Canada where she is based just north of Toronto. She has a B.A. from the University of South Africa and a B.Tech., in H.R. Administration.




Cathy is a rolling stone. She has moved homes 23 times across 3 countries.


Cathy is a daredevil. She has participated in steer-riding at a country show. She lasted 3 bucks before being thrown of the steer.


Cathy is an entrepreneur. She has made/sold wedding cakes, fish tanks and terrariums, repaired furniture, built jungle gyms, and increased home resale values through countless DIY projects.