2020 gave us three things:

  1. Much to be thankful for!  For us this was the return of nature in its full glory,  sightings of wildlife in cities, fresh air and blue clean skies. Many acts of kindness inspired us, communities reconnected to help one another. The explosion of creativity captivated and catapulted us all into the heady realm of possibilities.
  1. Significant reason for pause!  So many loved one’s have died, many have struggled losing so much, and the deep divides in our world erupted in full fury. At times even our humanity seemed threatened. Let us never forget the fragility of our ecosystems. Let us urgently resolve never to repeat the glaring leadership deficit we have recently experienced. Let us work harder to keep everyone safe.
  1. Reason to be optimistic! History has taught us that uncertainty is germane to the human condition. And, as always, it gives rise to extraordinary events.  We have witnessed the heroic nature of our planet to heal itself!  A vaccine in this short period is nothing less than miraculous. We are participants and observers to social injustice being tackled head-on as people connect worldwide to protect our values and our future.

This year provided many of us with moments of profound connectedness, where we all took a collective deep breath, looked up and around us, and remembered what really matters to us all. 

So in the spirit of optimism, happy holidays to all of you. We’re grateful for your presence in our world.  And here’s to 2021 – a year in which we hope to do amazing things with you.

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