From Us to You, Leadership

A Note from the CEO: In 2014, Try a New Way to Develop Your Leaders

By Glynnis Rengger  
What a year we had in 2013. It was hectic. It was demanding. It was fun. From Australia and China to Silicon Valley and New York, we designed and delivered 41 programs in 32 cities around the world, for some of the world’s most valued organizations and best brands. A testament again to the impact and value of taking leaders out of the classroom on self-discovery learning expeditions to create breakthrough thinking on their business challenges.
In-Market Action Learning® continues to prove its mettle in today’s complex and ambiguous world. Our clients are increasingly using this learning platform in a variety of interesting and diverse ways. An intact team spent an five days in three Russian cities evaluating investment opportunities and developing the business case for their recommendations. A leading healthcare organization uses in-market experiences to support their global leaders as they apply a ground-breaking innovation methodology. Countless others embed it into their leadership initiatives to enable a direct experience of business realities in different markets.  
It is this ability to change leaders’ mindsets, and give them the tools to solve their own problems that sets In-Market Action Learning® apart in the industry. And 2014 promises to be even better.  
Here’s why:  
The winners in 2014 are going to manage uncertainty head-on. Highly agile organizations capable of innovating and even disrupting their own businesses will come out ahead of the pack. Leaders will need to strengthen their play across all facets of their capability to drive distinguishing results and performance.  
Immersive learning is the fastest way to support leaders driving growth in these volatile and uncertain times. Getting first-hand experience of consumers and customers, actively seeking insights from analogous businesses and thought leaders, and viscerally experiencing relevant markets in a well- constructed learning experience is the best way to energize and up-skill your leaders.  
This year will bring new projects, new clients, new partners and additions to our wonderful Immersion Lab team. 2014 has started with an already full production schedule, which means the craziness is just getting started. We have grand plans for this year, particularly with regard to leveraging our formidable global network. Watch this spot for many exciting developments that we know will benefit you too.  
I continue to be thankful for the support, ideas and expertise we have received from our network, and look forward to much deeper engagement as we grow together.