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Welcome to Workout #1, the first part of your Immersion Prework.


You are about to begin Workout #1, a self-guided module will provide you with an introduction to Immersion Learning, the mindsets and practices that unlock its power, and why Immersion Learning is critical to your success. 

Please take 15 to 20 minutes to complete this self-guided course comprised of five short segments of video, reflections, and optional external articles. 

At the end of this self-guided course you will find the rest of your Pre-work: The Immersion Guide which includes your Immersion Team and the Host organization you will visit in your Immersion. 

What’s to come in your Immersion Journey: 

Before you begin

  • You will be asked to capture reflections in this course. We have created an Immersion Worksheet for this purpose, or you can capture them in your own notes. 
  • The “Mark Complete” button will appear at the very end of the video series. Please watch each video segment until the end and click the button to move on to the next session.
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