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Welcome TAP participants!

This Prework will provide you with an introduction to Immersion Learning, the mindsets and practices that unlock its power, and why it is critical to your success. 

Each of your immersion sessions is a combination of 3 important components–and will include preparation (self-guided and during the live session), your Immersion exchange, and a structured debrief and reflection session. 

You will have 3 Immersion opportunities over the course of your TAP experience, each with a specific theme that relates to the content and stage of your journey. 

  1. Kickoff Series Session 2: “Agility enabling transformation”
  2. Residency 1–Day 3: “Inside the mindset of a successful startup”
  3. Intersession Session 3: “Purpose-driven leadership”

All of these sessions offer valuable learning opportunities, please try to guard your calendars for all of the immersions. Not only will you get to externalize your perspective, but it is also an incredible opportunity to network across the cohort with other colleagues. Unfortunately, we are not able to record any immersion sessions. 

Let’s go!

Please take 15-20 minutes to complete this self-guided course comprised for five modules containing video, reflections, and articles. You will only need to complete this module prior to your first immersion experience, but you will continue to have access throughout the entire journey. 


Before you begin: 

  • You will be asked to capture reflections. Please take notes or download and save the Reflection Worksheet. You can also leverage page 19 of your IPG. 
  • Internet Explorer (IE) is not supported.
  • If you receive a “critical error” message, please refresh the page. We are currently working on a bug fix.  
Click on the first module below to get started.