2013: Predictions on Collaboration

by David Coleman  


If anything the pace of change from technology is speeding up. So how will 2013 be different than 2012? Will 2013 actually be the “year of collaboration?” Something people have been predicting every year for the last 20 years. I can remember writing articles in 1990 about “will this be the year for GroupWare?”  


What I can say about 2013 is that more people are now aware of collaboration (in whatever form) and how critical it is to work. Many of my predictions are about new and sweeping technologies, but many others are about people and process. But let’s see how things play out via the 10 predictions below:  


Collaborative Tools for HR: My old joke about HR was that “its role was to lose resumes.” But things have changed and so is HR. Aside from the fact that talent can now be crowd sourced (Barrel of Jobs, BeKnown, Simply Hired, Top Prospect, etc.) and people are using their personal networks to find candidates. HR has to create better processes to collaborate around top talent, and its acquisition, because if you found them, then someone else did also! Tools like CollaboRATE not only help rate candidates, but expedite the hiring process.


Then let’s take into account the mobile revolution. Collaborative tools on mobile devices are changing the way we work. Tools like Seesmic, Fuze Meeting, Soonr, Mighty Meeting, and others not only support documents and content on mobile devices, but full multi-media and video conferencing.  


It is now possible for a scenario like this to occur: Acme Corp needs a new widget architect. Widget architects are not that easy to find, so when the requisition comes to HR they try a variety of channels: They as everyone in the company if they know of such a person or have worked with such a person. They then tell employees that if they or their friends help find the right widget architect, and they get hired, you will receive $5000. They can use a host of tools to search for widget architect, like on LinkedIN.  


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