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Leaders for Leaders (L4L), a Not-for-Profit based in Canada, was established by The Immersion Lab to connect our extensive global network in meaningful projects that benefit at-risk communities. The Immersion Lab’s inaugural project was sponsoring The India Baby Wrap in December of 2011. This was a delightful collaboration connecting two organizations we have long admired – Impact India in Mumbai and BrandNU in Beijing:
This was the brainchild of Nathan Zhang’s. Nathan is truly one of the most original individuals we have encountered in all our globe-trotting. Brandnu is the point of singularity for Nathan’s talents – design, fashion, maverick, entrepreneur, joie de vivre, desire to have other’s realize their potential. A NGO aimed at enabling migrant chinese women financial independence, Brandnu has captured the young chinese zeitgeist in one-of-a-kind fashion pieces made from recycled materials provided by some of the world’s leading brands and fabricated by migrant women.


Impact India under the leadership of Zelma Lazarus, its current CEO has long been an Immersion Lab favorite and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to expose our clients to the formidable work being done in India and other parts of the world in addressing avoidable health problems. Zelma is an inspirational leader whose ability to realize the impossible repeatedly and who has personally touched the lives of many of the people helped by the Lifeline Express and other Impact India programs.
The Baby Wrap Project (an Impact India project):
There is a traditional birth practice in tribal areas where the custom is to leave the umbilical cord intact until the placenta comes out of the mother’s body and separates naturally. This can take up to one hour. Until that happens, the baby is made to lie on the cold floor near the mother, without clothes and exposed to the vast difference of the heat inside the womb to the cold air outside. No covering is available for the poor mother to wrap her baby. The high rate of infant deaths is linked to this practice.
The Proposal:
A baby blanket made up of 16 square 7dz x 7dz pieces. One blanket to save one of several thousand infants in Impact India Foundation’s Community Health Initiative in tribal Thane District, Maharashtra.
Why Brandnu?
The simple baby wrap proves to be the perfect product to teach basic sewing skills to chinese migrant women.

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The Result:
500 baby wraps delivered just in time for Christmas 2011 to Zelma and her team at Impact India. Happy Christmas Indian babies and Moms.
To support the Baby Wrap program please contact Impact India directly: 
Contact Impact India

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