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CEO & Practice Lead, Growth Leadership®

Glynnis has dedicated the past 15 years of her professional career to pioneering and refining In-Market Immersion, a platform she often calls “the business school of the real world”.  She enthusiastically embraces the view that leaders make their biggest and stickiest behavioural and mindset shifts in discovery based, experiential processes where curiosity and divergent thinking are fully engaged.  As such she has led Immersion Lab in building its unique capability which engages high potential talent in carefully crafted experiences – from meeting customers, future talent, thought leaders, disruptors and leading practitioners – to rapidly shift their thinking on business and leadership issues.

Glynnis has had the opportunity to live and work on three continents as well as design and deliver immersion programs in 45 countries.  Her clients have included global market leaders across diverse sectors such as Healthcare, Hospitality, Beverages, Retail, Financial Services, Government and Manufacturing in relationships that have spanned multiple programs over many years.  She is recognized as a thought leader in immersion design and her broad knowledge of geopolitics, world trends, key markets particularly dynamic and emerging markets, and current business trends inform much of the success the company has enjoyed.

Today Glynnis is most excited about Growth Leadership®, an Immersion platform that enables organizations and its leaders to put in place the discipline, practices and mindsets needed to tackle significant, organic growth.  It leverages immersion, Design Thinking tools, and next-generation Action Learning in an elegant convergence that enables organizations to intentionally manage all horizons of growth, particularly long-term.

Glynnis grew up in South Africa and immigrated to Canada in 1989. She has a B.A. (Hon.) in Social Work and a Masters in Business from UNISA. She has a son, three cats, and lives and works in a forest on the Niagara Escarpment when she isn’t travelling.



Glynnis is a budding DIY builder. She loves acquiring power tools and learning how to use them with patient and subtle advice from her long-suffering DIY family.


Glynnis has a massive crush on Barack Obama, who she believes is an amazing symbol of the kind of leader the world most needs today.


Glynnis is proudly Canadian. She is passionate about Canada’s love for diversity, its clear position of its desired role in geopolitics, and for creating a safe place for humans to live and prosper.