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Leaders, faced with today’s volatility and disruption, need to be able to pivot around leading both short-term operational results as well as building longer-term value for customers and the organization. This requires a situational dexterity, too often neglected in leadership development initiatives today. We strongly believe that organizations have to build capability to lead across all three horizons of growth – today’s core business (operator), what is next (entrepreneurial), and market making (visionary).


While growth continues to be their top priority and 61% believe they have more opportunities than they did three years ago, they worry that their company’s capabilities don’t support the value they hope to create (PWC 18th Annual Global CEO Survey 2015).

GROWTH LEADERSHIP® addresses this … helping organizations and their leaders systematically build and manage their pipeline of market-making ideas.

Growth Leaders:

• Have an enterprise view and collaborate across boundaries.

• Lead with agility across all growth horizons:

◦ Recognize that each growth horizon requires a unique leadership style and has different business impact criteria.

◦ Are Visionary (Horizon 3) anticipating the uncertain future and building the pipeline of new, breakthrough ideas

◦ Are Entrepreneurial (Horizon 2) de-risking and developing Venture Plans to commercialize and scale successful ideas

• Hold self and others accountable

• Assess and champion organizational readiness for Horizon 2 and 3 transformation.

A converged immersion platform leveraging tried and tested tools and frameworks:

GROWTH LEADERSHIP® is a discovery based learning platform leveraging Action Learning, Design Thinking, Ethnography and Immersion to develop Visionary and Entrepreneurial Leaders who can create sustainable, future value.

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