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Leaders have limitless opportunities to learn from others’ experience and expertise. From trusted advisors internally and externally, to forums, conferences, industry events, networks and social media – a vast amount of data, information and knowledge is available. And seeking this external insight and inspiration is critical as we try to sense and make sense of the world, particularly in times of unprecedented change and uncertainty.

Immersion Learning accelerates the development of this essential “outside-looking-in” leadership capability in a distinct and impactful way. It holds leaders accountable for their learning; places them in the right mindset to observe, be curious, and suspend judgement; and embeds reflection and accountability.  These mindsets and practices unlock the power of carefully constructed immersion experiences and are guaranteed to shift thinking at speed.

Immersion Learning is rooted in tried-and-tested Action Learning principles where small, diverse groups work on real issues that are complex and important, in a reflective and experiential process. With the actual immersion experiences as the central unlock of engagement in the process, Immersion Learning will:

  1. Transform the way you learn 
  2. Accelerate the speed at which you learn 
  3. Inspire and prepare you to try new approaches as you tackle  complex issues 


How would you assess  yourself as an immersion learner? For each statement, rate yourself as Okay, Pretty Good, or Super Power

  1. I am curious about what others can teach me
  2. I am a good observer and am able to withhold judgement
  3. I take time to reflect on what I learn
  4. I try to put myself in the shoes of others before drawing conclusions
  5. I hold myself accountable to learn and develop
  6. I hold myself accountable for sharing and applying my learning

Now calculate your score.
Okay = 1 point. Pretty Good = 2 points. Super Power = 3 points. You can earn up to 18 points.

A score of XX


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