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The Immersion Lab has brokered thousands of learning exchanges between leaders in the world’s most valued companies.  

To illustrate some of the different applications of immersion:

Immersion 101 - Case Study


A one-day In-Market immersion embedded in a Leadership Development Program.



Challenge senior leaders across a global enterprise to be more externally focused:

  1. Appreciate the value of seeking insights in less typical places in order to better anticipate and shape the future.
  2. Practice a divergent, learning mindset.
  3. Invigorate thinking on topics related to exceptional performance, valuable brands and market leadership.


Twenty senior leaders from across a global financial services organization convened in New York for a four-day development program. One day was dedicated to immersion with five teams each having two immersion experiences. A diverse set of the world’s most recognized organizations including New York City Ballet and the New York Police Department shared their insights on the drivers and enablers of sustained performance and value creation. Insights were shared in a robust exchange with their Group CEO.



  1. Participants were highly energized by the exercise of insight-gathering, the leadership they experienced, and the learning on driving exceptional, long-term performance.
  2. Personal commitments were made to continuing immersion and championing divergent thinking back with their teams.



Leadership Summit - Case Study


Immersion as a key unlock for new thinking and ideas during an annual get together of a global supply chain leadership.



Elevate and stimulate new thinking for this Cross Enterprise global supply chain leadership team:

  1. Appreciate the importance and value of actively seeking insights externally
  2. Understand and adapt insights from other organizations who are recognized for their long term innovation and value creation
  3. Become better at sensing the future and understand what will disrupt supply chains globally
  4. Be able to attract young, top talent and understand the employee experience that need to engage fully


Twenty two supply chain leaders convened for four days in Silicon Valley with the first and the last day being dedicated to their own team meetings. Design comprised immersion experiences that embedded the overarching themes of innovation, disruption and talent as well as extensive preparation and reflection sessions to ensure learning could be adapted and applied.   In smaller teams participants discovered:

  1. How to build and sustain a culture of innovation from long term innovators such as Netflix and others.
  2. How disruptors in the supply chain space think about the industry and how their solutions will transform and revolutionize the way things are done (3D printing, Factory of the Future, Big Data).
  3. What future talent want and expect from their future employers.


An absolute shift in the thinking of this entire leadership team with key takeaways:

  1. Commitment to changing the culture as a key means to foster more innovation.
  2. Adapt and apply the fail-fast; bend-the-rules mindset of disruptors.
  3. Take more risks and remove some of the organizational barriers that inhibit high growth.
  4. Passion and purpose of these leaders who are so willing to tell their stories is very inspirational.
  5. Need to keep abreast of tech – IoT, 3D printing, Big Data.
  6. Need to keep doing immersion!

Immersion in L&D - Case Study


An integrated platform leveraging Action Learning, Design Thinking and immersion to accelerate the development of high-potential, enterprise leaders.



Accelerate the development of strategic talent for enterprise leadership roles:

  1. Develop the mindset, behaviors and values needed to be effective leading across the enterprise.
  2. Demonstrate agility in leading growth whilst delivering results in the short-term.
  3. Build capability and champion innovation across the organization.
  4. Deliver actionable recommendations on an Action Learning Project of major significance to the organization’s future.


Thirty six high potential leaders participated in three residential sessions over a six month period. Session two is a four day immersion program which took place in Shanghai and included:

  1. Innovation sessions to progress thinking on the Action Learning Projects.
  2. Ethnography to deepen empathy work with real users.
  3. Immersion meetings to uncover insights on disruption in their industry, new business models, visionary & entrepreneurial leadership styles as well as building a culture of innovation.
  4. Peer coaching & leadership reflections.
  5. Light teach pieces on Innovation Climate assessment and Business Model transformation.

In their words:

  1. Immersion has completely changed the way we think about innovation and our projects.
  2. The visits to companies, hospitals and patients were most impactful experiences.
  3. I will continue to seek the external perspective.
  4. I will personally strive to be an inspirational leader that builds a culture ready to challenge the status quo.

Growth Leadership® Case Study

An integrated immersion platform leveraging Action Learning, McKinsey’s Growth Horizons and Design Thinking aimed at enabling breakthrough ideas and organic growth.


Build Leadership and organizational capability to drive ambitious organic growth:

  1. Innovate differently
  2. Make faster and better decisions
  3. Manage risk more effectively


Eighteen cross-enterprise senior leaders convened for two residential sessions (no intersession work). Design principles – curriculum light, tools and frameworks heavy – Design Thinking core, immersion embedded, Horizon 3 Action Learning Projects were real work projects of significance to the business, assessment light and as appropriate, peer coaching.     Two SPRINTS (5 days in London and 4 days in Mumbai) focused on:

  1. Leadership: Added Visionary and Entrepreneurial capabilities.
  2. Organization:  Force-field analysis, assessment and recommendations to EXCO gaps, new capabilities and culture transformation
  3. ALPs: Prototypes & Experiments/Venture Plans

In their words:

  1. Move faster – 80/20 is OK
  2. Our team have most of the answers!
  3. Uncomfortable is not a bad place to be; or to take someone.
  4. Fill your head; then have a Hackathon!
  5. Trials can be cheap experiments and prototypes; not twelve month expensive projects.
  6. It’s better to try something and fail, than not try something at all