Global Observations

Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show

Things I would have bought at the Show immediately if I could have:

  1. The 81inch Ultra-High-Def TV with the almost unbelievable 3-D presentation at the entrance to the Main Exhibition Hall. Quite amazing.

  2. Everything Samsung and in particular the Samsung Galaxy Camera looks absolutely marvelous and should be in one’s high-tech kitbag – its a tablet/smart device, great camera and connects to the net. I also love the Note 11 which looks like the first integrated personal device that is going to stick.

  3. The 21inch LG computer monitor is terrific – a thing of beauty which can present you with four discrete monitors each able to handle multiple open windows.

  4. Loved the Grablets, a rugged, innovative way to protect your iPad. Just four rugged edges that fit on the outside edges of the iPad and a funky, outdoorsy handle to hold the device easily in a number of ways.

  5. But the piece de la resistance was the helicopter powered by brain waves – I tried Neurosky’s ears and wiggled them by agitating my mind (that was easy). Neurosky is the inventor of the technology – they are using it logically for healthcare.

  6. A connected car at minimum (Ford had a very big presence there but everyone was showcasing security systems, car media, electronic monitoring etc. etc.) but a driverless car if possible. Google is already testing this in the Valley. Of course as driverless becomes the fashion, the media systems in vehicles are becoming quite amazing.

  7. Headsets, headsets, headsets – phenomenal quality and of course customized to suit your personal look and fashion taste.