Immersion Teams

Your Immersion Team has been carefully constructed to optimize working with other members of the cohort outside of your learning pod and to ensure your learning pod benefits from all of the Immersion experiences.

Team 1

Gustavo Aguiar, Director Total Brand Eexperience LATAM
Priya Brooke, Group Product Director
Jennifer Dyer, National Sales Director
Bridgett Golden, Senior Director Global Business Partner
Michael Randall, Director
Tina French, Assistant Corporate Secretary
Sharon King
Michael Maddison
Greg McMaster
Kelsey Good
Kelly Hilbig

Team 2

Bob Amo, Sr. Dir Marketing
Daniele Cavalcanti, Marketing Director Region GFO OCWCSC
Jeffrey Evans, New Product Introduction Senior Director
Addie Harris, Sr. Dir, Orthopedic Digital Surgery
Rachel King, Senior Director, GSM
Tom Kramer, Director, BTL Pharma
Glynnis Rengger
Mike McMaster
Cathy Maddison
Mark Hilbig
Lael Good
Marysia Czarski

Team 3

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George Atanasov, Director, State GA
Craig Chiulli, Director, Global Commercial Strategy – Metabolism
Julie Fraunhoffer, Head of HR Janssen Demand Generation
Avery Ince, US Scientific and Med Affairs Strategy Leader
Marguerite Longo, Sr. Dir UR Squad Lead
Verika Rodriguez, Strategic Support Director MD NA

Team 4

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Caroline Ocasio Rivera, General Manager, LP
Christopher Beeckler, Worldwide Advanced R&D Director
Leda Costa, Sr Director
Tacla Jacobs, Director, Oral Care Base Business
Alexandre Luque, Senior Commercial Director
Silvio Jorge Silva, Director

Team 5

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Reuben Bell, Director, Consumer SC Strategy
Anthony Galdi, Assistant Vice President, North East
Deborah Kenworthy, Group Product Director Payer Marketing
Lee Meyers, Sr Director Squad Lead
Nima Subramanian, General Manager Malvern
Anne-Sophie Brillouet, Senior Director SH PPD

Team 6

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Kourtney Davis, Sr. Director Epi Pharm
Daniel Durand, Access Director
Jenna Goldberg, Executive Medical Director
Kristin Kiefer, Sr. Director, Contract & Compliance Services
David Muschett, Commercial Director
Leen Van Eylen, Sr Director Manufacturing Ops