Next Steps – Demo

Thank you for your time and attention. Now it’s time to review your Immersion Book and prepare for the rest of your Immersion journey. 

It is important that you prepare. 

The Immersion Book will provide information on your Immersion Team, your hosts, their organizations, and the context for your pairing. As you read through these materials, please take note of questions and insights to discuss with your Immersion hosts.

If you would like to revisit these materials, they are available to you throughout the program.

Handpicked Hosts

[This section is tailored to the program.]

Your host organizations have been selected because….  

You will spend 1.5 hours with your host discussing…. 

You will spend time before the Immersion preparing and after the visit reflecting and debriefing in both your Immersion Team and as a cohort. 

Your hosts are fully briefed–they know who you are and that you are participating in this development program. They will come prepared to share and discuss their experiences.

Remember, your hosts are doing this on a goodwill basis and are curious to learn from you as well. They know these exchanges have high value for everyone involved.