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Chief of Staff I Head of Systems, Trendspotter and Tech Guru

Michael joined the Immersion Lab in 2011 and has worked in almost every role with the company.  In his quest to continuously improve the company’s back office processes, it was a no-brainer for him to take on the role of Chief of Staff where his competence is greatly appreciated in the mission
critical work he is doing for the CEO and Team.


To support The Immersion Lab’s global and primarily virtual team, Michael keeps abreast of and manages the company’s technology platforms – particularly in the area of collaboration and communication.  As a virtual team, real-time collaboration has always been a primary focus and as early adopters of technology, he ensures the tech junkies in us apply this to real business needs and applicability. 

He is is continuously scanning latest trends and searching for innovative companies across the globe. This vital contribution ensures that the Immersion Lab is always on the cutting edge of business trends and innovation, which is key to the design and delivery of great experiences for our clients.


In his previous role as Project and Event Manager, Michael was responsible for event planning, international vendor management and end-to-end support to the In-Market program team.  His focus was ensuring smooth execution of global In-Market Immersion programs.  


Michael is originally from South Africa, has lived and travelled in cities all over the globe and now resides in Portland, UK. He is currently studying for his BSc (Hons) in Computing and IT with a second subject in business.




Michael has an original iPad that works; the screen has never been broken.


Michael is an Instagram Star. He is followed by a whopping 85 people (wait 99 now…)!


Michael is an avid scuba diver. He loves anything to do with the ocean, which is just as well as he resides on an island.