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Principal, Program Management & Head, Business Development

Mike’s excellent relationship skills are well leveraged at the Immersion Lab where he is responsible for bringing in-market experiences to life.  He has built a broad and diverse network of hosting companies around the world and continues to expand this as we push the envelope in crafting up high-impact experiences for our clients.  He has been particularly successful in highly dynamic markets such as India and China where his ability to connect with the desired learning outcomes, communicate these effectively and engage potential hosting organizations is unparalled.


Mike has recently added Business Development to his portfolio at the Immersion Lab, an area in which he has great experience.  


Born and educated in Johannesburg, South Africa, Mike has worked for large and small companies in a number of senior positions in the Insurance and Technology sectors in South Africa, and prior to joining The Immersion Lab  worked in the Transportation and Technology sectors  in Canada  typically managing daily operations and deploying fleet technology  and GPS applications.  Mike immigrated to Canada in 1989 and is now based in London, Canada.




Mike spent 12 years in the military in the field artillery.


Mike dabbled in auto racing – in his youth, anyway. He later realized it could bankrupt him.


Mike obtained his private pilot’s license while living in South Africa.