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Project Manager

Pam’s excellent all-round skills were already highly valued when she joined The Immersion Lab as an Event and Program Manager in 2015. It soon became apparent that Pam was pretty much able to tackle whatever was thrown her way from complex Event Management in challenging markets around the worlds, to setting up powerful learning experiences for our client’s and their leaders. It was a no-brainer to offer her the newly established role of Project Manager where her competence is greatly appreciated in the work she is doing for the team on all things mission critical.

Pam developed her broad-based skills and expertise in roles where she supported clients globally with operations, project management and business development services including virtual management of up her clients’ global sub-contractors. No task too challenging, she moves with speed and a memorable upbeat and delightfully positive attitude.  

Pamela prides herself on being an active wife and mother as well as an entrepreneur. Starting her first business in 1999 with four children under the age of five, she learned the fine art of multi-tasking; keenly able to balance the many demands being made of her and honing her appreciation of the systems and processes it takes to succeed both personally and professionally.


Pam has been an educational entrepreneur since 1994 when she and her husband, Dan, began homeschooling their children. The children are now young adults with bright futures.

Pam became a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Volunteer, after losing her granddaughter Sophia, in 2013. She has written a story about Sophia that was featured in a book published early 2016.

Pam LOVES music. Her first concert was David Bowie in 1981 and she has never looked back. She continues to attend concerts and other musical events, enjoying as much diversity as possible.