Let’s build back better through a radical rethink of leadership.

A Call to Action

 COVID-19 did a few important things: 

  1. Forced new ways of working, which challenged leaders at all levels to rethink old ways of working, many of whom struggled to do so
  2. Highlighted our interconnectedness and interdependence; made us feel more a part of a larger picture
  3. Gave a window into a greener, more vital way of living.
There is a better way and the time is now!
This is an urgent call to action to those who are passionate about our planet, its people and the many other life forms that it supports. And a shoutout to those who wish to significantly shift the needle on insatiable human consumption, our increasing disconnectedness and the accelerating extinction of the planet’s species.
Now is the time to magnify and accelerate the leadership that will enable us to pivot into a more connected, promising and regenerative future. 


We recognize there is a lot happening in this important space.  Our aspiration is find resonance in the energy being expended and accelerate the effort.

So we asked ourselves this question: How might Permaculture ethics, principles, and frameworks shape and accelerate a new Perma-Leadership model? 

Our initial hypothesis

  1. Regeneration at its core.*
  2. Shifts mindset from perceived scarcity to genuine abundance.
  3. Leads by observing and listening.
  4. Actualizes collective creativity and collaboration.
  5. Values emergent design based on circular and network fundamentals.
  6. Finds collaborative new ways for all to thrive.

*Regenerate: 1) formed or created again; 2) restored to a better, higher, or more worthy state


The Immersion Lab Glynnis Rengger, Catherine Hofmann (website)

RedZebra Mark Dodsworth (website)

Institute for Zen Leadership Dr. Ginny Whitelaw (LinkedIn)

Third Thought Dr. Susan Dunn (LinkedIn)

Permaculture Designer and Instructor Alex Kruger (bio)


The Plan


  • Explore and seed opportunities to accelerate Perma-Leadership. 
  • Actively find ways to collaborate with others doing similar work.


  • Gather a diverse, but like-hearted group of individuals in a series of immersive, facilitated learning exchanges to seed ideas and build energy.  
  • Look for inspiration at the nexus of leading practices we find in Permaculture and Organizational & Leadership Systems in business.
  • Leverage permaculture tools & frameworks (explore & interact, catch & store energy, obtain a yield)



We image a world:

  • Full of regenerative leaders’ whose NorthStar is  “care for the planet, care for people and fair share”.
  • Like-hearted efforts are accelerated globally through unequalled creative and purposeful collaboration. 

Contact Us

Share the work you are doing in this space. We’d love to hear from you and more importantly pool our efforts to build energy in this space.

Tell us what you think. All reactions and comments highly welcomed.

If you have any questions about Perma-Leadership or would like to join our next gathering, please contact or