Zen Leadership

Greetings to everyone out there who is looking for a very high impact personal development program!  


For anyone who wants to accelerate their development to create a better world for themselves and those around them, we highly recommend joining the Zen Institute for Leadership program. The Institute will be running two more programs this year – in April and September.  


Two of our team members have been privileged to participate in the program and the results have been dramatic. This is our CEO’s reflection at the end of her three days in a very wintery and beautiful Minnesota.   “


The Zen Leader Program could not be more pressing or timely. Reconnecting with what we know to be true – both emotionally and physically – through this exquisitely balanced experience is transformational. I leave with joy, a renewed sense of purpose and well-being, and fueled with optimism.” – Glynnis Rengger, CEO The Immersion Lab  


For more information, please go to www.institutezenleadership.org/programs

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