Custom Immersions

Create memorable learning experiences

The power and impact of Immersion is optimized when the experiences themselves are tightly coupled to the desired learning outcomes. 

We connect leaders in custom-built, inspiring, and productive mutual learning exchanges. Our network and extensive research capability offer access to a deep, global network of external thought partners in world-leading organizations and diverse industries, entrepreneurs, disruptors, NGOs, customers, future talent, government, and others.

The Immersion Lab prides itself on its experience and ability to custom design and deliver bespoke Immersions across a wide range of leadership, organizational and business topics for world-leading companies in multiple industries. 

20 Years of Experience and Expertise

A deep familiarity with this mode of Immersion Learning.

Tried-and-tested design, set up, delivery, and impact assessment process.

Extensive global network with a diverse and broad set of learning exchange partners.

Comprehensive research capability to continuously scan for what’s next and who’s next to supplement our network.

Diverse group of immersion facilitators for a range of roles, from executing the immersion to overall facilitation.

Track record of delivering impactful Immersions around the globe for a diverse clientele of market front-runners.

Customized to meet your specific needs


Flexibly delivered either in-person, virtually or both.

The Immersion Lab has increasingly recognized the high-impact its In-Person-only operating model has had on the globe’s carbon footprint.  COVID-19 accelerated the path to virtual at speed and our new virtual Immersion operating model is socially-distanced and much greener:

  • It is no longer necessary for participants to be physically present in the same location.

  • We have much wider access to an extensive pool of Learning Exchange Partners across the globe, independent of their location.

  • It provides built in contingency – we have the ability to build in-person Immersions and flexibly switch to virtual if a situation calls for it.


Standalone or embedded.

Immersions can be designed as standalone or integrated into other program or initiatives. Some of the more typical uses of immersion include:

  • Leadership Development programs

  • Intact or functional team summits

  • Market opportunity assessments

  • Collaborative learning with external organizations


Applicable to every organizational, business, or leadership topic.

Immersions are an immediate inspiration for new ideas on diverse and important topics:

  • Organizational issues such as Digital Transformation, Culture of Innovation, Future of the Workplace, Sustainability, etc.

  • Business issues such as functional transformation (Supply Chain, HR, Finance), Customer Centricity, Digital Literacy, Agile, etc.

  • Leadership capability building such as Purpose, Entrepreneurial Leaders, Scenario Thinking, etc.

  • It is particularly powerful in elevating Action Learning Projects or business challenge outcomes.


Highly flexible for your realities

Immersions are flexibly designed around your budget, timeline, locations, and the delivery partners of your choice.

Inspire Change

We’ve tackled transformation of every kind in our immersions! Be it functional (supply chain of the future; finance; HR); digital; culture; workplace of the future; learning organization and others, our clients have been inspired by the lessons from transformation trailblazers in a diverse set of industries.

And then of course Immersion is a great unlock of inspiration and insight on the all-important leadership topics of purpose, leading effective teams, delivering high-performance, collaboration, balancing short- and long-term priorities, and many others.

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