We partner with the world’s best companies to cultivate adaptive, disruptive, and innovative leaders who learn at speed.


At the edge of high performance, the most successful leaders are the ones who see things from an external perspective and rise above limiting assumptions. They routinely seek market intelligence, external opinions, and support to shape their thinking. They understand that an external perspective offers a key to breakthrough and innovative thinking.

Our custom Immersion experiences are designed to cultivate adaptive, disruptive, and innovative leaders who lean at speed. And our offerings are thoroughly rooted in Immersion Learning – the disciplined and intentional practice of looking externally for learning, insight, and inspiration to better sense and make sense of current and future opportunities.

Immersion Learning’s trifecta of highly impactful Immersion experiences plus the purposeful application of practices and mindsets will energize your strategic talent.

Learn from the world's best

We partner with the world’s best and most disruptive organizations to deliver impactful Immersion experiences.
Here is a selection of our global Immersion hosts:

Highly Impactful Immersions

Rapidly shift thinking on leadership, business issues, and the organization.

We tailor Immersion experiences for many of the world’s most valuable organizations across diverse industries including Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Telecommunications, Local Government, Food & Beverage, and Financial Services. 

By teaming your leaders with the world’s best and most disruptive companies, we enable them to look externally for insight and rapidly adapt and apply their learning to complex issues.


Immersion Learning is one of the fastest ways to transform thinking!

Immersions get vastly different people and companies talking to inspire new ideas and invigorate people, resulting in highly adaptive enterprises.

Our Immersion experiences deepen insights on specific topic or a business theme: sustainability, supply chain, innovation, continuous improvement (BPO), purpose, outsourcing, digital transformation, etc. 


We know it works because the Immersion Lab has been cultivating leaders for 20 years.

Immersion Learning

IMMERSION LEARNING is the disciplined and intentional practice of looking externally for learning, insight, and inspiration to better sense and make sense of current and future opportunities.

Immersion Learning enables leaders to transform their learning and accelerate their rate of learning.

The trifecta of Immersion experiences, mindsets, and practices unlocks the power of Immersion Learning. The combination of these three enablers are at the heart of everything we do.

An external perspective has never been more critical. Business today takes pace against one of the most turbulent and landscapes we have ever known. Leaders must be fast, focused, and flexible.

Immersion Experiences

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Custom Immersions

Bespoke Immersion programs delivered in-person, virtually, or a blend of both which can easily be integrated into:

  • Leadership Development programs
  • Intact, functional, or other leadership team meetings
  • Capability building events
  • Complex business challenge sprints
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Reimagine: Leader Series

By invitation-only, this exclusive Immersion series features leaders that have most inspired our clients over the years! 

This is an opportunity to learn from astonishing leaders who have transformed their industries, disrupted the way things are done, and created value in unprecedented ways.

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Immersion Plus+

We are fortunate to collaborate with the industry’s top leaders! Our ecosystem of like-minded and talented value providers has unequivocally increased our creativity and your experience.

Access a broad set of expert designers and facilitators with practical tools and frameworks and a deep appreciation for unlocking the value of Immersion in a learning process.

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Curious Learners Lab

A virtual, invite-only community for Immersion Lab program participants, learning exchange partners, strategic partners and selected thought leaders to share ideas, brainstorm, learn from each other, and solve BIG problems.


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