This is the time to be inspired by others’ success

As we face a more uncertain future than ever before–where change is being imposed upon us–the ideas, insights and sense of purpose of carefully selected leaders will galvanize and invigorate us to lead fearlessly into a better future.

Reimagine your future

Reimagine is an immersion-based virtual learning exchange with leaders who have most inspired us and our clients over our many years and thousands of immersions across the globe. 

We select leaders from our expansive network of disruptors, thought leaders, and innovators that have made significant impact on their work and our world. Their passion is palpable.

Reimagine is an invite-only offering for 24 participants per Immersion, for a limited number of organizations. If your organization wishes to join Reimagine, please contact us for more information. 

Anticipate + Shape

Leaders everywhere are thinking deeply about the “New Normal” as they grapple with unprecedented uncertainty and the need to change fundamentally. Reimagine is an opportunity to learn from our favorite leaders–leaders that have achieved astonishing results: transforming their industries, disrupted the way things are done, and created value in extraordinary ways.

A League Apart


Leaders have unlimited opportunities to learn from others’ experience and expertise. From trusted advisors internally and externally, to forums, conferences, industry events, networks and social media, a vast amount of data, information and knowledge is available.

Reimagine is distinctive and powerful

Participants in small learning teams (engaging the full power of Immersion Learning)

Leaders are engaged for their experience and insight on a specific topic.

Delivered virtually via a proven learning process that enables adaption and application of the learning.

Small group settings with the conversation centered in a theme of mutual interest.

Leaders are engaged on a goodwill basis, meaning no vested interest (authenticity), with the intention to teach and learn. 

Want to know more?

We’re always available and excited to talk to teams who want to get involved with Immersion Learning.