Immersion +

We are fortunate to collaborate with some of the industry’s best learning partners! These expert designers and facilitators have brought accessible tools and frameworks which–combined with immersion–have proved to be a powerful unlock of elevating ideation and problem-solving processes.

+ Design Thinking

Deepen innovation capability on your team

Human Centered Design is a proven process that leverages empathy and experimentation to develop a deep understanding of what your customers really want. Our Strategic Partners are experts in Design Thinking and will customize workshops based on your team’s level of familiarity and the problem you wish to solve. Immersion is embedded in this fast-paced sprint as the unlock for truly innovative solutions.

+ Scenario Thinking

Sensing and make sense of multiple futures

In today’s dynamic environment, external sensing and making sense of the future cannot be outsourced. If executives are to shape and create value in the future they need to be able to do this well.  We have combined immersion with an accessible and highly applied Scenario Planning toolkit by Third Thought to enable leaders to create a portfolio of options and future scenarios. to help shape their judgement about future value creation.  A session with our TRENDWATCHING partners perfectly rounds up their ability to think about future value creation.

+ Coaching 3.0

Best "leadership self" in challenging times

A unique and highly experiential approach, these custom-built business simulations reflect the reality of leading in complex, rapidly changing and highly uncertain environments.  Successfully applied to large organizational issues as well as individual leadership challenges where influence is critical, they help build the confidence and courage to successfully lead change.

+ Embodied Reflection

Resonance and change

You don’t often hear “NASA Scientist” and “Zen Master” in the same bio! Dr. Ginny Whitelaw’s life-long exploration of energy and her deep understanding that change always happens through resonance has resulted in wonderfully accessible practices. Her highly immersive work reconnects us as energetic, spiritual beings able to embrace a bigger wisdom. 

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